Minerva Premier Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Welcome to Minerva Premier

Whether you visit Thessaloniki for business or pleasure Minerva Premier Hotel is here to welcome you!

Minerva hotel in Thessaloniki is a unique Thessaloniki city hotel, where luxury and comfort are balancing perfectly with the high standard services and promising an unforgettable stay!

In Minerva hotel...

Get pleasure from Minerva hotel's comfortable rooms, relax and enjoy your drink or a coffee at the bar and restaurant; use Minerva hotel's fully equipped Business Center for work and meetings with your partners, or even use Minerva hotel in order to organize seminars or presentations!

From Minerva hotel...

Enjoy beautiful walks in the Thessaloniki's promenade, get some relaxation while you drinking a coffee in one of the countless coffee places near the Minerva hotel, explore Thessaloniki's important archaeological sites or museums, try some ouzo and meze in one of the many "ouzeries" in the surrounding area or just enjoy shopping!!!

Caring for local architecture

The management of Minerva hotel had one aim: to renovated a neoclassical building, and transform it into a real diamante, a great Thessaloniki hotel! And here we are...Minerva hotel does not offer just hospitality, but also offers moments of luxury and comfortable accommodation in Thessaloniki! The history of this beautiful neoclassical building dates back in 1924. The building has been renovated with total respect to the building's history and its architectural characteristics. People of Minerva hotel are pleased that their effort for this renovation brought back to life an important building for Thessaloniki! Staying at Minerva hotel you will have the chance not only to admire the priceless collection of frescos and paintings, and at the same time to be spoiled from the glamour that the atmosphere reflects!

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Where is Minerva hotel:

Facilities and services

Minerva hotel in Thessaloniki offers the following services :

* Room service
* Secretarial Support
* Exchange
* Laundry service
* Groom services
* Rent a Car services
* Parking on request
* Internet access
* 24-hours front desk
* Express check out
* Restaurant
* Coffee-bar
* Completely equipped Business Center
* Meeting Rooms (10 - 45 persons)

About Thessaloniki!

As Minerva Hotel is a center Thessaloniki hotel, travelers have easy access to all Thessaloniki museums, monuments and sightseeing! Monuments like the White Tower, the Galerious Arch and Palace and the Rotonda and museums like the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum and the Jewish museum are just few of the Thessaloniki sightseeing that are located very close to Minerva Premier hotel! Of course as Thessaloniki is an UNESCO Heritage Site Byzantine and Post Byzantine monuments, like Agios Demetrios Church, Agia Sofia, Agios Minas are also easy to be visit from guests of Minerva hotel!

Address: 44 Egnatia & 12 Siggrou 54623, Thessaloniki

Phone: .